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Wow This Week Really Sucks
 For anyone that knows any Italian - amore è… il suo meglio la sensibilità nel mondo quando potete dare al vostri cuore ed anima a qualcuno e sapere che stanno dando lo stessi voi. Sono tutti che vi preoccupiate circa. Non ho significato mai danneggiarvi. armonia spiacente im.

I wrote that for the girl i love.. **Love Is**

Love is.. Its the best feeling in the world when you can give your heart and soul to someone and know that they are giving the same to you. They are all you care about. I never meant to hurt you. Im sorry Harmony.. I really do Love You.

 That is what it means.. yeah i am an asshole. it sucks. 
 I am a jerk. i always hurt people. I can't seem to do anything right lately. I hope i don't fuck up the rest of my life.. I can believe i am actually in love. i didn't think this happened until you were at least 30+. I hope young love isn't bad.. i mean i really do love her. and i hope im not over doing it. she means the world to me. after 6 months.. i still get butterflies in my stomach after seeing her. or talking to her..    I am an Idiot for Fucking up =[ 


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